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Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

Sometimes, a nilpotent lattice ring can only sustain itself when lavender Ukranian egg wafers brush the community forehead in one sweeping gesture.

And of course you know that only happens close to the Slauson Avenue off ramp. Listen, that means you’ve got to exercise great care.

And cancel any surgical conundrums you might experience – for after all, they have little to offer in bargaining power as the struggle for land grant munificence continues unabated, constantly whispering fragmented thoughts from the community petty cash reserve.

Anyway, the bus leaves at 4:19 and my wrought iron geriatric cornet seems to have vanished. So I have little choice but to go along as if I had indeed encrusted the splinter seminar with firewood and mango slivers that last only a day or two.