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Well, here we are again

Well, here we are again. Disassembled, disaffected, debased, and defunct. But that shouldn't alter the game plan. It seems, after all, that we are headed in the right direction. Calumny can only be the precursor of syllogystic blister remnants -- I've come to see that more and more over the past few months. So listen, can you do this for me anyway? I know you've logged lipid time and sung with the elephants on the halter skein, and yet I really need your Kepler wings. Leave a message on my machine if there's a problem -- and please don't tell Mildred about the harpoon leak.

Surreal as all this may seem, I’ve come across such episodic spatial umbrellas from time to time. I can in fact count on the fingers of my duodenum the caustic reticular sideburns spirited away by the forest minister. He sprung laterally to his knees on a number of occasions, wistfully previewing several cardinal trail buttons while cordoning off the elfin corridors. I hope this doesn’t become a habit.