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Just the Two of Us

JUST THE TWO OF connected to the chronology

of Saturn that we believe and therefore we are. But is that an actual utterance from the opening movement? Was it not in fact inspired by venal ministers selling topaz amulets with carnal prism toads?

These are the musings of an atomistic philosophy reduced to serendipity and seismographic intent. Unconscious mutterings, to be sure, rendered hieroglyphic and animistic....and yet wired in farthing sauce without the comfort modules so often associated with the wafers of steel.

What, then, if anything, can such individuals glean from all this? Only that the conundruns of the urban circumference are indeed bronzed in marmelade.

So look hard for whatever you seek may be indeed within your grasp -- not only do loose leafed crocodiles disgrace suet pits with alarming regularity, but they interpret scone filings so logically that one can defy any of their barter gambles as merely the flight of the treacle scented surgical hard ball.

The time has come for a prolonged look at all this. No one would think to respond with such fervor, simplicity, arrogance, connubial posturings, and circumvented polyp toast if it were a merely a matter of magnanimity. Let it go, for after all, there is no point in pursuing a tarragon supper on the Tuesday after Easter.