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This gallery is distinctive in that for the first time, I go beyond just Photo Editor and include three other programs: Paint, Click Art and Corel Paint Pro.  They do things that PE cannot, but PE has an ace – the water color effect.  At any rate, all the paintings shown here are interactions between the three programs – generally with Click and Paint as input and back and forth from there with the other two.  Paint, for example, is limited but it can provide color, something PE cannot.

I discovered with Paint and Corel that water color has no effect on totally uniformly colored areas – these result when the “flood fill” tool is used to saturate an area with a certain color.  I had to bounce circles (please see the essay on My Art Process) to introduce some variability into these areas.

Water color is indeed a mystery.  I have noticed that for areas diverse in color hue (light or dark), it darkens with a good deal of black; for areas primarily of one light color, it tends to darken, whereas for areas of primarily one dark color, it tends to lighten and bring out hidden features.

The process generally comes down to micros by subdividing a smudged photo as input, then using W or N or NW in each section, smudging again for compositional reasons and choosing to accent various features that emerge, in terms of color, geometric shape, or human form.

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