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Evolution of specific painterly ideas is the theme here, with the original piece scanned in and subsequent ones derived through the alternative use of macro water color and negative.  In addition, some copy and paste is used for added color in a micro manner.  In some cases, e.g. “the eyes,”  many iterations are possible.

Although the macro maneuvers generating these sequences may seem purely mechanical, my decision-making remains rooted in aesthetics.  When I scrutinize the painting, I often find it needs something more than the total negative or water color.  So I go micro, highlighting areas to manipulate further.  Where and how I choose the areas comes from my artistic side.  Further, smudging remains the ultimate hands-on personally expressive vehicle, as opposed to the other algorithm based effects.  I can use the mouse the way I use the markers, electing how much to smudge and where; in addition, I can choose the purpose of the smudge, whether to blend, shape, or add texture.  The value of the computer aided painting is only realized when a balance exists between the mechanical and the artistic and between the analytical and the aesthetic sides (of the brain).

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