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Jumping ahead 25 years, I chose to use the simpler water-based markers, in part because they did not bring with them the heavy fumes of the permanent ones and in part because they had by that time achieved an impressive repertoire of colors. Their interaction with 3 x 5 cards, however, took some getting used to -- I had changed my media considerably, varying both the instrument and the surface.  All of these were completed in 1995 and scanned into the computer in 2005. 

Along the way, I discovered a program on Windows 98 called “Microsoft Photo Editor.”  Although a relic according to today’s technology, this program has enriched my artwork greatly as I hope these next several galleries will show. 

For the paintings in gallery 3, I used only the “Negative” effect (it turns colors into their complements, so white becomes black, blue yellow, and so on).  This simple application produces dramatic results in certain instances, particularly for the art work of 1995.  The gallery sometimes shows the original (suffix “a”) next to the negative (suffix “b”) when the transformation is striking; otherwise it shows one or the other, depending on which I like better.  The negative effect is applied macro only – to the whole painting.

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