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After not doing any artwork for almost a year and a half, I got the bug again in the summer of 2011. It didn’t take all that much to get me started and soon working at a feverish pace. I wanted to understand what allowed/encouraged me to proceed. I have been able to pinpoint some of the resources:

  • A new sketching set up: By accident and good fortune, I had been fooling around with glossy photo paper and a really good ball point pen. I got into the way the ink flowed onto the paper as I drew. I discovered that super fast doodling with intentional bends and twists was both fun and effective
  • It was effective if I didn’t look at the sketch as anything in particular at first, during the fast beginning, delaying that recognition and imposition for a while
  • When I permitted myself to look, I found the usual suggestions of heads and bodies, and then followed up with markers to finish the sketch.
  • I scanned the sketch to my computer where I then applied the effects and tools of Corel Pro Paint XII. Polished Stone turned out to be a favorite in this set of paintings.


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