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Multiple Internal Flood Fill- MIFF

In Gallery 16, I referred to interaction and iteration (of computer maneuvers) as the keys to complexity. I then thought about those two “I’s” as part of the process, adding 3 more I’s: ideation, invitation, and initiation.

In this series of paintings, one technical notion holds them together: multiple internal flood fill. This refers to a tool on the Corel software known as “flood fill.” It covers a designated area with a color of one’s choice, generally as background to the objects (shapes and figures) of a painting. I decided to reverse that relationship and use flood fill inside the objects for a fresh look.

The “invitation” consists of the resources provided by the inputs. In this case, these are sketches on a special kind of Crayola paper. Finally, initiation refers to the repertoire of routine maneuvers I can rely on to get things moving, such as selecting 3 or 4 colors to play the role of flood fillers.

Ultimately, the interaction between these flood fills and the water color effect on Microsoft Photo Editor provides the look I seek. And by judicious use of smudge, I can count on iteration for more and more of it.


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