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Scans, Sketches, and Outlining

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Recently, I returned to marker sketches that I then scanned to the computer for some serious overhauling.  One difference between these sketches and previous ones is the paper: for some, I used a high gloss surface and for others, I worked with a specialty paper and accompanying markers. 

I outlined many of them with a fine point black Sharpie pen, in a manner similar to the technique for the inner sleeves of napkins (in Gallery 6). 

Then on the computer, I relied on smudging and water color (Photo Editor) along with partial flood filling (Corel).  The key is iteration: back and forth between the 2 programs: the extra black generated by water color provides fertile ground for flood filling, and that in turn creates opportunities for smudging, leading to another round of water color, and so on.

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