Art :: Gallery Eleven: Both Ends of the Continuum

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The theme of this gallery is complexity; by that I mean at least two programs involved, with at least 3 micro maneuvers by each and at least 3 macro maneuvers by 1 of them.

The first bunch of paintings in this gallery, all entitled with the preface “a,” represent an effort toward both simplicity and complexity simultaneously.  I scanned many one-color marker drafts into the computer – that’s the simplicity – and I followed with multiple effects from both Corel and Photo Editor, both macro and micro.  The other paintings come from the “globular” effect and from the liberal use of the fire icon on Corel.

The globular effect begins with a black background, recalling Gallery 10; then I use a “lightener” tool (in Corel) to cut out white sections from it with resulting blurry backgrounds.  I go on to replace the black with a lighter color and the boundaries tighten up, giving a distinctive look to the “fat floating people.”

I used the fire icon from Corel to start a number of paintings.  It inspired me to follow through with many of the techniques I’ve developed on both micro and macro levels.

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