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I began playing around with permanent markers in 1969.  At first, I experimented with them, using porous memo pad paper that allowed for easy blending and bleeding of colors.  One such investigation involved drying time.  I found that if I covered an area with any pastel color and then waited about half a minute, I could then paint another area abutting it with the same color and get a line of demarcation.  That line was very crisp and appealed to my sense of aesthetics.  Simple as that sounds, it launched me into the world of art.  During the next 2-3 years, I combined my spirit of scientific inquiry with my aesthetic sense, systematically trying out media experiments and then extending the fruits of this labor by picking what looked good and “going with that,” i.e. finding ways to elaborate on this aspect while leaving the “science” behind.  I have attempted to capture this process in writing in several essays on this web site.

The only use of computer technology is the scanning of the originals onto the computer where they now take up electronic residence and thus can be shown on this web site.

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