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These galleries are not entirely arranged by chronology.  Rather, their order fundamentally reflects my increasing use of computer technology, ranging from simply scanning a completed painting to a complex mix of various photo/painting programs, all done electronically.  The transitions from one gallery to the next also coincide with varying media, marker art, the basis for the first five, and the computer, the basis for the next four.  The external (non-electronic) media consist of permanent markers on memo pad paper, valued for its porosity, and also water-based markers on 3 x 5 cards and on napkins.The last four galleries are done almost entirely on the computer with the exception of scans from black paper and occasional others.

Sankowsky Allstars Slideshow: The Artist's Picks with Music by Bill Frisell
Gallery One: Beginnings
Gallery Two: The Next Generation
Gallery Three: Napkins
Gallery Four: Communities, Then and Now
Gallery Five: Sequences
Gallery Six: Windows
Gallery Seven: Programs
Gallery Eight: Enameling
Gallery Nine: Beyond Enamels
Gallery Ten: Funky Places
Gallery Eleven: Both Ends of the Continuum
Gallery Twelve: Complexity Rules
Gallery Thirteen: Simple Input, Complex Output
Gallery Fourteen: Scans, Sketches, and Outlining
Gallery Fifteen: Elaborations and Extensions
Gallery Sixteen: Iteration and Interaction
Gallery Seventeen: Multiple Internal Flood Fill
Gallery Eighteen: Using Some New Tricks Along with All the Old Ones
Gallery Nineteen: Doodling in Stone
Gallery Nineteen SlideShow with Music by Boz Scaggs
Gallery Twenty

Each of these galleries consists of several pages (thumbnail galleries) containing small thumbnails of each painting. By clicking a thumbnail you will go to a new page displaying an enlarged version of that art piece. On each thumbnail gallery page there is an icon, link to Gallery Index, that brings you back to the page you are reading right now.

Each of the galleries contains more than one thumbnail gallery. Each thumbnail gallery page and each enlarged image page also contains arrow icons at the top. The "up" arrow Artwork by Dan Sankowskywill always take you back to the Home Page for the entire Web site. The forward arrow Next image and backward arrow Previous on each thumbnail gallery page let you move forward and back through the thumbnails gallery pages. The arrow icons found on pages containing larger images allow you to move forward and back through the larger images in that gallery. Clicking this icon thumbnail index will return you to the thumbnail gallery pages.

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